Amazon Fire TV – an Amazon developed stylized digital media player with its micro console remote control. It is a small network appliance that is used to deliver video or audio content via the internet and into an HD television. Not only that, but the Amazon Fire TV is also equipped with very entertaining video games that all ages would love to play. The following are our top Amazon Fire TV games that you shouldn’t miss out on.

#1 Despicable Me – Minion Rush

The three-part movie franchise is one of the best game hits from Gameloft. The game lets you play the role of minions throughout the game. The game is packed with hundreds of missions, including running through the fun-filled and iconic locations – Gru’s residential area and Gru’s laboratory.

Despicable Me – Minion Rush is designed with 3D graphics and enjoyable animations. Plus, you get to customize your favorite Minion with unique costumes, power-ups, and weaponry. In this game, the only thing you need to do is have fun with all the missions and prepare to fight against Vector and other well-created new villains.

#2 Beach Buggy Blitz

This family-friendly racing game was created by Vector Unit and was released in 2012. It is an easy-to-play game that lets you drive miles and miles with its “Infinite Drive” Environment and tons of Unlockable Contents such as new characters, new cars, gadgets, and performance-boosting powerups. The game is designed with intuitive controls and incredible and detailed off-road powersliding physics, which you can save the game to the cloud.

#3 Riptide GP: Renegade

Another popular racing Game from Vector Unit – Riptide GP: Renegade is an exciting game based on crime, thriller, and mystery fiction, where the player will have to play the role of a hydro-jet racer that was framed of a crime that you didn’t do.

The game is packed with a thrill-ride environment and deep-career mode where you can battle your innocence (as you play the role) through varieties of races and boss fights.

#4 Vendetta Online

One of the best free games that you can play on Amazon Fire TV, which was created by Guild Software. Vendetta Online is a graphically excellent 3D MMORG that is set in space. The players will play the role of pilots for spaceships in lawless space. Battle with other players or create a team with other players against the mysterious Hive.

Vendetta Online is also designed with single-player “free play” mode and supports various game controllers such as Nyko, Moga, Xbox, Logitech, PS3, and more.

#5 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

KotOR is an RPG video game series that is based on George Lucas’ Star Wars with its gameplay based Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Game. The characters, vehicles, planets, and non-playing characters are well-designed. If you want to travel eight enormous worlds, increase your skills with over 40 different powers, build your Lightsaber, and if you are a true fan of Star Wars, KotOR is the best choice.

Amazon Fire TV is a great entertainment investment, which is also packed with so many interesting and fun games that you’ll love. Try to visit Game Foxes’ website for more games to find out.