Interior designing a house with small space is rather difficult than what everyone thinks; with one wrong placement of furniture and home appliance, everything can make your living room look and feel crowded and suffocating.

If you have recently leased, rented, or owned a studio apartment and don’t know how to make your new home look nice and cozy, the following are some helpful tips on how to enhance the interior design on small home spaces:

#1: Choose clean, calm, and even-toned colors

There is a trick to make your small home look bigger and spacious and that is by using clean, calm, and even-toned colors; for instance, your wall should have lighter accents such as cream, light lilac, peach, pale beige, mint green, white, and more.

To make trick the eye and make the whole interior design a success, choose to have furniture with a contrasting color from the wall. Since the wall color is light, your furniture’s color should contrast with the walls; this will make your room look cleaner, bigger, and more spacious. Deep and dark paint colors are an example of good contrasting to lighter colored paints.

#2: Choose a minimalist style

The style of minimalism is defined by austerity and economical. In terms of interior designing for small-spaced homes, minimalist styling is the most appropriate home styling. It gives enough room for you and the people living with you.

Minimalist styling may include the following:

  • Getting creative with storage options such as underneath the bed is a well-made storage place or a living room center table with cabinet underneath.
  • Get wall desks for better storage space.
  • Use kitchen devices and appliances that can accommodate your current kitchen size; try to check at Home Addons for great options.
  • Don’t skip good home accessories that can provide great texture to your minimalist home interior design; these include adding decorative wall arts and mirrors, nice candle placement, flowers, and more.
  • Lighter but longer curtains are doable – a good eye trick that makes one’s small-spaced room look bigger.

#3: Go bigger but fewer with furniture

Minimalism isn’t always about securing smaller furniture; it has also something to do with bigger furniture but fewer. This means, larger furniture gives a great accent to a small-spaced home but on a fewer scale. For instance, if your bedroom area is quite small in space and you want to make it look big, you have to:

  • Choose lighter and calm colored walls
  • The bed should be aesthetically big for a small-spaced room
  • Lesser furniture within the area

Final Thoughts

There are more ways to maximize your home’s interior design even if it is a small-spaced one. You may use some tricks to make it look bigger and go minimalist in your bedroom, living room, and even in the kitchen area.

Do not be afraid to explore; try to read additional home advice, including which home devices are better for a small-spaced room. Also, you may read additional details at Home Addons’ website.