The kitchen is one of the basic yet essential areas in every home; however, it is often a neglected part of the house in terms of designing.

If you are planning to recreate your kitchen area but don’t have enough funds for renovation; what you are looking for are these top budget-friendly tips to make your kitchen area welcoming and extra-cozy.

#1: Re-imagine the overall kitchen area

The first step in redesigning your kitchen area is to plan; the planning must include these basic, yet critical factors:

  • Design. What kitchen design or style do you have in mind? Is it going to be traditional or modern? If you are going to re-style your kitchen, choose a lighter and brighter style. Pick wallpaper with simple patterns; this will keep your kitchen bright and lively.
  • Floor. What is your current floor design? Is it a wooden type of flooring? Or do you have a tiled-kitchen area? If you do not have enough funds for now to revamp your kitchen’s flooring, look for kitchen design and style that will match your current floor design.
  • Space. How big is your kitchen area? If you are planning to add a few cheap but pretty cabinets or a few kitchen devices that you saw online, remember the space of your kitchen area. Does it have enough space to add a few more kitchen furniture or equipment?
  • Kitchen appliances and tools. How many kitchen appliances and tools do you have? Are you using all of them? Try to de-clutter and find out which of the kitchen devices and equipment are not essential.

De-cluttering before makeover will help you determine what the best kitchen style is and design you should have when recreating your kitchen area.

#2: Give your cabinets and countertop a makeover

Try to freshen up your kitchen cabinets and countertop with white paint or paint with a light accent; this will make your kitchen area classy and inviting. Plus, painting it white makes it easy to repaint it with new color if ever you get tired with it.

To emphasize the bright and inviting transformation, you should pop out some dark colors to create great contrast and to balance out the look of the entire kitchen; for instance, add a black countertop chair or paint your countertop drawers and cabinet with a dark accent but not too dark.

#3: Consider hanging shelves

If there are no rooms for your wine glasses or kitchen utensils, consider investing stylish hanging shelves; there are easy to install stainless steel kitchen wall hanging shelves that are available in the market today, which you can place not only your glass wine and kitchen utensils but also coffee mugs, sauce plate, spices, and more.

Final Thoughts

Stick with simple yet classic kitchen design and style – this never goes out of style. Do not exaggerate. There are kitchen styles on the internet that you should consider; however, make sure that the kitchen revamping plan that you have right now will fit your current budget.

If you need additional details on recreating your kitchen area, try to visit Food Well Said’s website today.