Frownies are small patches of natural Kraft paper glued to the skin, temporarily freezing the muscle movements which cause wrinkles, similar to what Botox does. With regular and consistent use over time, the muscles tend to lose their strength and ability to wrinkle skin. Moreover, it is cost effective.

Face saver balls

The face-saver ball consists of a rubbery ball which claims to work on the facial bone structure to improve its health condition while significantly reducing skin sagging as a consequence. The ball helps work out muscles, enhance circulation, tone and generally reverse the effects of gravity. Regular sessions of moving the ball across the face can result in firmer and healthier skin with diminished fine lines.

Alternatives to Botox


The 20-minute procedure involves placing a device filled with liquid nitrogen besides the nerves responsible for wrinkling causing muscles. This particular machine induces the nerves into temporary hibernation enabling the muscles to relax and allowing you to feel your wrinkles banish.


The Botox alternative known as VTOX consists of natural neuro-peptides along with algae which surround the muscles with proteins to obstruct the skin from contracting firmly around muscles while allowing room for minimal movement as well. The algae extract to give the surface a more youthful look. Unlike Botox, VTOX does not need to be registered through a needle; it is directly absorbed through the skin.

Alternatives to Botox

Cinnamon or peppermint oil

For naturally plump lips apply a cinnamon powder or peppermint oil dipped cotton swab onto the lips. This will lead to a mild tingling sensation and after a few minutes cause the lips to plump up. Although this is temporary, it gives the same effect of Botox free of cost.

Pineapple or lemon juice

Pineapple contains natural skin nourishing enzymes while lemon contains natural citric acid. Dips a dab of cotton into some freshly squeezed juice and apply over the center of the face and leave it for a few minutes and rinse it with warm water to reveal hydrated and glowing skin. Repeat it daily the first week then once a week for best results.


You can exfoliate your skin by washing your face with warm water, then dipping the hands in a bowl of sugar and gently applying the sugar in circular motions around the face including lips for a minute and later rinse it with cold water to reveal soft skin with a healthy outlook.

Almond or castor oil

Using thick castor oil or almond oil will in time allow your eyelashes to grow thicker and longer as almonds contain biotin which contributes to hair growth. Dip a cotton swab into a bowl of almond oil and gently apply it from the upper eyelash line extending to the eyelash tips. Then wipe with a dry swab of cotton to absorb any excess oil.

Homemade wraps

While salons charge a fortune for anti-cellulite treatment, you can do it at home for free. Apply coffee grounds to your leg then wrap tightly in cellophane. On top of this, cover your leg with a bandage from head to bottom and lie in the sun or blow dry for ten minutes. The goal is to enhance the heat to allow the caffeine to penetrate the skin allowing breaking down of cellulite.